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About Us

Music is Our Passion

Music is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by mixing beats, tempos, rhythms, and melodies. We are committed to discovering the creativity artists possess and bringing them to new heights in the industry. 

Starting With a Beat

As experienced producers in the industry, we know how to rearrange and mix sound to make great music. Once we've worked together to create your distinct sound, we help you get your music in front of labels and establish your image. 

Marketing Your Image

Nowadays, everything in our culture is visual. A fantastic EP can only get you so far; you need an image to go with your music. Your passion and love for what you do is what will connect you with your audience, so we want to support you and your vision. 

About us



A&R/Production, Social Media Management, Artist/Brand Development, Marketing, Showcase/performance Development 


Within Ivreeproductions I have coupled with Silent Investors as well as sponsors to birth the DIY Movement. Within this movement, I have artists (if accepted go into a 90-contract with me whereas they, (including they're management teams follow a strict protocol of powerful product build and must follow strict milestones and accomplish them within a specific time frame for investors to continue stay on their "project". The DIY movement has been very successful thus far and artists as well as their management teams rave about how much they learned how valuable Ivreeproductions services have become to not only in the development of their artists but Management teams as a whole. As a matter of fact 2019 Phil Collins will become one of our Silent investors shhhhh. We here at Ivreeproductions seek out what particulars, film, commercial, radio, indie films are looking for and place them accordingly. Many of our DIY clients have had amazing placement opportunities as well as contracted with Majors. I founded the DIY Movement in 2018  and to date my artists on roster have attained 28 Film placements, 14 major signs, 15 indie placements and 130 radio placements not bad for one year. I created this movement because as an A&R and Music Supervisor for Major I didn't have the ability to essentially listen to unsolicited materials. Given my extensive music background I wanted to help produce and create powerful product for executives that I knew. This branded out to me taking on more and more acts; developing them, producing them, co-writing, arranging, hook building, performance developing as well as social media building... you name it I did it. Now with the opening of my Firm in Hollywood, I want to make sure my artist are receiving just services as I'm always striving to find the best for my clients. If I can't do something for my clients I know many who can. I've mentored many people and love doing it. I do not attain a Dog eat Dog mentality nor breed it. Too many sharks already in the ocean. I want to create and build a professional entity based on proven history, facts, and placement that works for my clients. I'm transparent, not Vague. I don't play to win I play to connect and build an outstanding family of executives and artists that can co-exist and depend on each other to get the work done. To make consumers happy with palpable entertainment that they can love to, Dance to, Cry too, Build to and Relate to. That's my purpose for Building Ivreeproductions.  Voyage LA




Project 25

Ms. Ivree has done really well in getting inside the essence of my 2 projects and thinking laterally. I felt cared for as a client, and I was blown away by a personal phone call from Ms. Ivree to check on lyrics and meaning (30 mins). No one has ever taken the time to do this with regard to my music. The care and humanity coming from Ms. Ivree herself is clearly duplicated by her staff. To get into the final 25 batch for me is still surreal. Ivreeproductions at this point for me is a beacon of trust and best practice in an industry that can be brutal and insincere. I look forward to the next installment. 



Project 25

 " The personal and immediate communication I am having with Ms. Ivree is most encouraging as she clearly understands and encourages my artistic objectives. In an industry where there are many lost birds, I feel happy to have found this tree. "

Thank you


Artist Composer Musician Teacher

Pietu reported directly to Jamie

”Jamie aka Miss Ivree is straightforward and communicative - which is valuable in an ever changing business. She has a big field of knowledge and connections in the business. I highly recommend working with Jamie.” - Pietu Kaipainen, composer and musician.


Retail Management Intern

 Nathanael reported directly to Jamie

Miss Ivree Gave great career advice, hope to work on more music in the future.

Recording Artist at The Kingdom Records

 William reported directly to Jamie

Amazing at connecting the dots and making things happen.

Owner at Step On Management (Artist management, events & booking agency)

February 25, 2019, Chris reported directly to Jamie

“Jamie has been really supportive and has given me great advice while I have been an A&R scout for her company “Ivree productions”. Jamie and her company are as real as they come with in the music industry and gave me the correct guidance when it came to learning the skills of working in A&R. I recommend “Ivree productions” to anyone seeking a career with in the music industry. Much appreciated Jamie, thanks! Chris”

Ashley LopezAshley Lopez  

Hey Miss Ivree,  Just wanted to reach out to let you know I love all your posts. They are extremely eye opening, helpful, and inspiring for young A&Rs like myself who are still getting a feel for this position.

Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Musician

 chuck was a client of Jamie’s

Ms Ivree is great at what she does. She is knowledgeable when it comes to music and song composition. Thoughtful, insightful overall awesome person.

 Lovely woman, Who gives great direction and advice.  I would personally recommend Ms Ivree to anyone who is lost in the crazyness of the music business.  I am a songwriter from Ireland and unknown which you guys all no is like being trapped in bonds but when I talked with Ms Ivree she gave me some great tips and lead me in the right direction. Don't be afraid to talk to her and show her your music, also never be afraid to share your beautiful individual souls. Thanks Ms Ivree....Jack and Mercedes Furey 

David .ODavid .O  

Dear Ms Ivree,  My name is David Okoro, & I go by the artist name "OKORO". I just want to say that as an independent upcoming artist, I appreciate the work you do in moving the music culture forward, as well as your expertise; most especially with your company "Ivree Productions" . 


Thank You Ms Ivree for all the great advice you have offered me. I recommend that anybody reading this contacts ivree productions and schedules a consultation for authentic advice from a passionate industry exec

Entertainment Industry Consultant

One of my favorite A&R’s is Jamie Mc Ginnis Moreira aka Ms Ivree - She’s not afraid to speak her mind while handling her business. It’s needed. 🙏🏾💯 

CEO at Campbell Management Group/ Major Street Music LLC

 Wayne worked with Jamie in different groups

Jamie Mc Ginnis Moreira aka Ms Ivree is hands down the most professional person I have worked with in the industry. If you want your career to take off she’s the person to contact


Sales and Streaming Dept. at Atlantic Records

 John was a client of Jamie’s

 Ms Ivree is a Professional with vision. Willing to hear artists out, and has keen ears for development. Knows an artist’s potential and where they need assistance. Looking forward to working with her more and producing top 40’s

Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Musician

 chuck was a client of Jamie’s

Jamie aka Ms Ivree is great at what she does. She is knowledgeable when it comes to music and song composition. Thoughtful, insightful overall awesome person.


Confidential Assistant to the County Attorney at Onondaga County

Thomas was a client of Jamie’s

Ms Ivree is easy to work with, responsive. Get's things done.

Master Poet

 Jamie was senior to Christopher "Foli” but didn’t manage directly

Jamie Ms Ivree is an amazing, multitalented music professional and knowledgeable consultant. She’s very helpful, offering guidance and direction and opportunities to aspiring artists such as myself. I feel very lucky and very grateful to have connected with such an amazing woman. She is the best in the business, by far

Artist, Songwriter, Unsigned Artist

, Kevin was a client of Jamie’s

Ms.Jamie has a dope personality and my first impression of her is that working with her is very promising! She was immediately helpful within the first five minutes of being on the phone with me. I definitely look forward to working with her  

SiriusXM Artist - AC/Pop - SonyRED 🎹❤️

 Danielle was a client of Jamie’s

Ms Ivree is the bees knees! A diamond in the rough for sure! She’s knowledgeable, straightforward, hardworking and wonderfully down to earth. Regardless of the genre~ she’s always there to lend an ear to music makers (which is great no matter where you’re at on your journey). If you get a chance to meet with, chat with, or work with Jamie~ take it.


I wanted to throw a shoutout to @Jamie MC Ginnis Moreira aka Ms Ivree. She didn’t know me from Adam. Jamie has helped me so much with consulting me on my artist and placement for them. I really appreciate it Jamie for taking time out of your busy schedule for me.   I would most definitely recommend @Jamie MC Ginnis Moreira 100%.   Jamie thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me 🌸✌🏻🌸 

"Jamie's advice is practical, on-point and feel's tailor-made....and it is! Due to the fact that she actually listen's to what Artist's are trying to achieve with their sound, she has a wealth of knowledge 

and experience and a keen and simple way of putting it across that is both relevant and accurate. We need more people in the industry like our Jamie!" 


Guitarist - Technician at Network Rail HS1

 Gav's was a client of Jamie's 




Derik worked with Jamie in different groups

Jamie aka Ms Ivree has a great ear for music and is very passionate about her job. Humble and personable she was a pleasure to work with.

 "Jamie's attention to detail and ear for talent is unmatched!! I mean her ability to take time out to truly listen to the direction of your music while not stifling any creativity of the artist is what puts her in high demand. Artists just want to be able to create and not be concerned with the sometime unethical practices of the music business and Jamie tends to walk that line effortlessly while nurturing the potential within. She's truly an A&R who tends to listen to one's vision and makes it her own which is why working with her is transparent." 


 "Thank you for listening and reviewing my creations. Much more than a review, Jamie offered help, advice, feedback, critique and is one of a very small number of people who actually care about improving artists art! genuine A&R. The ultimate professional."


Songwriter/Music Composer/Record Label Owner at No Religion Records

Andy worked with Jamie but at different companies

" I would like to thank Jamie aka Ms Ivree for taking the time to listen and give critique on my upcoming album. I appreciate your expertise." 


Member at The Recording Academy

 Dale worked with Jamie but at different companies


Music Composer at Universal Music Group

Michael reported directly to Jamie

Talented,Humble,informative,Caring,Knowledgeable...These are the traits that Jamie Mc Ginnis aka Ms Ivree Emitted the first 30 minutes of conversation if that doesn’t impress you she went to review a demo of mine and the information she provided was So DETAILED it gave me a new perspective on how to go about making music...ANY artist in ANY section of music that needs professional advice or jump start you’re career should Most definitely acquire Jamies services. MK-A.k.a PRIME


Music Production Writer / Audio Engineer TV film live / audio soundscapes / Jingles / Composer / Producer

Jamie was Robert's mentor

Jamie aka Ms Ivree knows great talent .
Jamies great.

 P Tizi  

Jamie  aka Ms Ivree you see big things that people don't in things most people squint to see at all...



Derik worked with Jamie in different groups

Ms Ivree has a great ear for music and is very passionate about her job. Humble and personable she was a pleasure to work with



Since I’ve been in partnership with IvreeProductions I’ve seen much more interaction from my already fans and the new ones that are now joining the movement!! I only see the road opening even more for my career under the IVREE’s advising!! It’s only been two-three months working hand in hand to the point where I can reach out to Jamie & the rest of the team anytime & Im dealt with as if I’m family!! Their efforts are much appreciated and I have plans to go even further with Ivree as a part of my music career movements & other endeavors!! 


Angel “Helly” Torres Jr.

 The overall experience of the 90-day artist development program was an extraordinary, extremely informational and enlightening experience. It was such a great pleasure to work with the individual personnel most importantly Ms. Ivree Moore! Very compassionate, unique strong-minded and has a lot of insight on music in all aspects! We touched base a lot on subjective composition, tonal structure, the bases on how to format a song. Ongoing exercises to improve breath/stamina in regards to recording in studio/ delivering live performances. All avenues I didn’t know could go so in-depth and we’re all such crucial parts to building a strong product to deliver to the listener. I would recommend highly this service with ivree productions to any artist that are serious and want the capacity to expand their artistry to the next level - because I know I will!

- Jorrell Ballard 

 As a young artist trying to make it in this music industry, I have faced a number of triumphant moments, and a number of disappointments. Being a part of this team at Ivreeproductions has been one of my most proud and triumphant moments thus far in my career, and I owe it all to Ms. Ivree Moore. From the beginning of our lifelong companionship, I came to Ms. Ivree with a product that I believed to be the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. What Ms. Ivree did with my product was not only impeccable, but it was powerful. Ms. Ivree can make any song into a masterpiece. Ms. Ivree is very professional and she is definitely the best at what she does in every aspect. If it wasn’t for Ms. Ivree, and her belief in me and my music, I wouldn’t have become the artist that I am today. This artist development program has really developed me into the artist I always wanted to be, and the artist I could have never imagined becoming in such a short amount of time. Ms. Ivree showed and taught me things that I would have never learned elsewhere, and this has helped me progress and improve tremendously as an artist. Everything that Ms. Ivree touches turns to gold. If there is at least one thing that I’ve learned from Ms. Ivree, it’s to always have a little faith. Time after time Ms. Ivree always kept me motivated by faith. Faith is what drives our success. I would like to thank Ms. Ivree and the team at Ivreeproductions for taking me in, and helping me create the best project I have ever created. This experience has been full of exciting moments, but it has also been responsible for shaping me into the artist I am today. I could have never progressed the way I have, without the likes of Ms. Ivree, and the team at Ivreeproductions. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!  

-Jay Ayeves

being apart of Ivree productions was the best choice I could have made to further my career. She gave me more information and patience than anyone I've dealt with in the Industry.  One of the biggest set backs I had was finding Management I could trust and Depend on Ivreeproductions team is fam for me. Hearing my music on Major radio stations now is crazy. I get to perform almost every weekend. Gettin paid. - Qwil

The process takes a minute getting in. Ivree works her ass off to get me placement. I saw her in action much respect. Getting my numbers up was impossible before I came in to the Ivreeproductions outfit. People claim to get you in certain spots but they take big chunks of your show. Now I am not dumpin more money out just to get heard. She is all for the DIY man. You dont walk away empty handed. I got radio play in 2 countries, touring now and cashing in. The only downfall is that I wish Ivree could manage me and my crew!! - SSK

No words. Ivree killing the game. Her connects are cray. She relates she real she gets stacks. Real Deal right here! If I could I would be signing left n right! You got to follow the steps its really that simple. KLO Detroit

Most claim to Do What Ms Ivree actually does. She spent so much time and effort breaking down production. My song went from Good to Bomb AF! Aint no one NO ONE have her ear! Im in the studio left n right with producers that dont do half what she did. I want her to manage me! Tourin in Canada never could have without her. Thank you again Ms Ivree! Future ride Canada

When NOONE took the time to listen to my craft Ms Ivree did. When NOONE to the time to believe in me Ms Ivree did. There is hope with executives Like Ms Ivree in the industry. I never wanted to become a "super star" I wanted to become a writer and possibly get a one hit out to build on my resume for larger Lables to take me on. I not only attained several ghost write opportunities that garnished me monitory value BUT I actually landed a position at Disney studios in Burbank California!! Mind you I lived in Florida at the time. None of this could have been possible without the 90-Day contract with Ivreeproductions. Being a female in the industry as a writer can be very tough. Ms Ivree broke down barriers for me. I couldn't imagine where I would be right now if it weren't for Ms Ivree. I literally bought a brand new car in CASH in CASH just with the royalties I've received in less then 9 months. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


 Thanks For Everything Ya'll, I Have been more than blessed and humbled during my experience with IVREE PRODUCTIONS!!!

I have learned so much about myself as a artist. The craziest thing is seeing the increase in engagement and interaction via social media. This gave me ideas and confidence on how to continually attract more organic fans. The weekly meetings with Miss Ivree gave me life and even though they doing deadline check ups and developing me as an artist, none of this felt like work. It felt like i was fulfilling a calling. The staff is Amazing. Everyone of the staff i came in contact had my best interest in mind. The Staff was punctual and very informative. I am so optimistic about myself as a artist and am open to grow and keep prospering making music with Ivree Productions has proven to be more than i imagined and im forever grateful for this experience, my new family, and their support Thank You for all you do The departure process is getting close!!!! YIKES!!!

Chevy Quis


Ivree Moore

 Ivree Moore began her journey to becoming the multi-faceted music mogul she is today by debuting as a First Chair Violist in just the 3rd grade. She rightfully earned her spot as the youngest violist to play in the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestral and Master Chorale. Ivree studied under the direct supervision of the Walter Reed and Carlsbad High School’s internationally acclaimed conductors throughout her high school career in which she attained two prestigious first place trophies as well as superior performance and excellent ratings at not one but ten district orchestral competitions in both the highly competitive Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Ivree holds a double master’s degree within music production and music business from Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Her talents and business savvy exploded her career early on and solidified her place in music working with well-known acts including Missy Elliot, Queen Latifa, En Vogue and Destiny’s Child as well as being a rapper herself with notable credits such as being featured on the 8-mile soundtrack and mixtape released through Shady Records. Always adaptable and on trend Ivree Moore continues to pave the way for contemporary artist with current credits including Cards B “Bodak Yellow”, Card B “Bartier Cardi” ft. 21 Savage, Migos “Antidote”, DDQuavo “Lamb Talk”, Tyga & Lil Wayne “Act Ghetto”, and Quavo “Working Me”, just to name a few. Sought after and being offered to sign major record deals from both Atlantic and Arista Records for original compositions in 2005, Ivree decided to follow her true passion in the entertainment business. With the brilliant foresight to recognize the major influx in DIY artistry, she made the decision to curate a one of a kind platform for DIY artists that for years, have been notoriously taken advantage of within the music industry spectrum. Currently and for the past six years Ivree has held a highly coveted position as an A&R Rep and Music Supervisor for a major label. With hundreds of solid industry connections in her arsenal, Ivree decided it was time to help DIY artists develop powerful product and artist/brand performance/development. Ivree knows exactly what industry professionals are seeking. With that being said she provides artists with the opportunity to develop under her supervision and direction - but at the same time, allows artists the ability to express their creative vision with dignity. Utilizing her 30 plus years of experience she takes pride in adding to her portfolio the platform to give DIY artist a legitimate chance to create a professional career in the music industry while still remaining independent or signed to an indie/major label by their choice, rather than bound by aggressive contracts. Ms. Moore the first in Image currator/specialist/consultant Developer for Urban, Hip Hop, R&B & Radical Urban Artists  is also highly adept in event planning, customer service, marketing, social media and public relations with a Bachelor’s degree focused in audio production making her force to reckon within every facet of the music industry 



Ivreeproductions is a private invite firm ONLY.

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Micro Steps Part 1 with CEO, Music Supervisor, A&R Director Ivree Moore 


 BARNYARD BOOGIE by KZ feat Stony Murphy (Official Video) 


Micro steps Part 2

K Ollie

Welcome our Youngest HipHop Artist K Ollie on Roster! 

#kidsafehiphopartist # sociallyconscious

So proud of our youngest artist of roster here at Ivreeproductions.

8/5/2019 in the ABC building today!

 K. Ollie@KOllie00336090·6hABC I'm in the building!!!!! #KOllie #ivreeproductions #stopthebullying #purplefortheplanet #positivevibes #YahYahhhh
Check out his performance and interview -- Spreading Change and Positive Lyrical Divide to Our Urban Youth!! Yahh Yahhh





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